I am nodding my head as I read this. I went through this in 2019 and had to have a total histerectomy July last year ,but the emotion trauma is so much worse. I invested in quite a few books at the time of diagnosis and still have not been able to read them. But this is not about me, I wanted to tell you about the scar tissue. I am seeing a chiropractor because of the Bone Pain and Muscle aches, she was able to treat the side where they removed my lymph nodes and got rid of most of the scar tissue. She stated on the breast as well and said she can get rid of it. Maybe you should try looking into that. As for everything else that you are dealing with. I can see that you clearly have a lot of people who love and support you but sometimes it is easier to chat with someone who has been through the experience. Reach out if you feel comfortable. All of the best going forward. I know it is NOT easy.

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